Kirkland announces funding for stormwater project in Chester

CHESTER, Jan. 31 – State Rep. Brian Kirkland announced that the Stormwater Authority of the City of Chester was approved for a $4.8 million low-interest loan to upgrade infrastructure.

The loan was approved by the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority (Pennvest) on Wednesday. The Stormwater Authority will use the funds for a project that aims to make improvements in a sewer area that is subject to flooding and overflows from excessive runoff and lack of capacity in the conveyance and storage system.

The work includes construction of four bio-retention cells, which help remove contaminants from stormwater runoff, 7,250 square feet of permeable pavement, establishment of a storm drain catch basin retrofit project program and 70 storm sewer inlets.

“Infrastructure work like this is necessary to keep our communities running,” said Kirkland, D-Delaware. “This project will help improve water quality in our local waterways, and the work is estimated to create 75 jobs. I’m pleased that the Pennvest board saw fit to award this funding.”

Pennvest serves Pennsylvania communities by funding sewer, stormwater and drinking water projects. The projects contribute to improving Pennsylvania’s environment and residents’ health, as well as provide jobs and opportunities for economic growth.