Markosek announces $125,000 grant awarded for Monroeville code enforcement tool

MONROEVILLE, April 5 – State Rep. Brandon Markosek announced today that the Redevelopment Authority of Allegheny County has awarded $125,000 in Community Infrastructure and Tourism grant funding for a code enforcement data tool in Monroeville.

Markosek said the grant will be used for the second phase of Turtle Creek Valley Council of Government’s Code Enforcement Data Tool, which will build capacity to complete the system and get it ready to offer to other towns outside of the program. The data tool is used to track and record the progress of code enforcement violations and resolutions. TCVCOG developed the system to give government officials a way to better enforce their codes and solve problems within their communities.

“This code enforcement data tool has helped to resolve issues in TCVCOG member towns before they get out of hand,” Markosek said. “The grant will help to finish the system and eventually allow other communities to use it to improve the quality of life for residents.”

CITF grants provide financial assistance to municipalities, councils of government, nonprofits and for-profit businesses to facilitate economic development projects in Allegheny County. Eligible projects include economic development, infrastructure development, job training, community improvement, public safety or public interest.