Markosek: More than $675,000 in traffic safety grants awarded to Monroeville, Pitcairn and Plum

Funding provided through PennDOT’s ‘Green Light-Go’ program

MONROEVILLE, Aug. 14 – State Rep. Brandon Markosek, D-Allegheny, announced today that Monroeville, Pitcairn and Plum secured grants from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to support upgrades to traffic signals and pedestrian areas.

The funding comes from PennDOT’s Green Light-Go program and includes the following:

  • Municipality of Monroeville – $308,000 for updated signal equipment at Monroeville Boulevard and Northern Pike (SR 2081)/Municipal Center.
  • Pitcairn Borough – $59,932.43 for updated signal equipment along Broadway (SR 130).
  • Plum Borough – $55,105 for pedestrian upgrades at Hulton Road (SR 2058) and Hulton Road/Coxcomb Hill Road (SR 2082).
  • Plum Borough – $252,300 for updated signal equipment at Coxcomb Hill Road (SR 2082) and Ramparts Boulevard.

“Over the years, traffic flow in these areas has changed significantly and the existing traffic signal equipment needs to change along with it,” Markosek said. “Newer technology will help drivers better navigate these intersections, making the roads safer for everyone who travels on them.”

Green Light-Go grants are provided as reimbursement to municipalities for updates to improve the efficiency and operation of existing traffic signals. The funding may be utilized for a range of operational improvements including, but not limited to, LED technology installation, traffic signal retiming, developing special event plans and monitoring traffic signals, as well as upgrading traffic signals to the latest technologies.

For more information about Green Light-Go, visit PennDOT’s website.