House unanimously passes Bizzarro resolution naming May ‘Youth Art Month’ in Pennsylvania

ERIE, May 6 – Calling attention to the importance of art education is the goal of a resolution the House passed unanimously today, according to the author, state Rep. Ryan Bizzarro, D-Erie.

Bizzarro said he introduced H.R. 289, designating May 2019 as “Youth Art Month” in Pennsylvania, to raise awareness about the many positive benefits of exposing students to the visual arts.

“Multiple studies show that kids who are exposed to the arts in school have better test scores and lower disciplinary rates,” Bizzarro said. “What’s more, because art is based on self-expression and isn’t focused on ‘one right answer,’ it has a great motivating effect on kids and enhances creativity and critical thinking, which are extremely important skills for adulthood. It also makes kids more empathetic by connecting them to the larger world outside.

“Unfortunately, when budget challenges arise, art classes are often the first to be cut. It’s my hope that by raising awareness about the importance of art education, we’ll help ensure that kids have continuing access to this important subject.”

Youth Art Month is part of a national effort organized by the Council for Art Education to emphasize the importance of art education. The event is celebrated annually across the country with public art displays in schools, libraries and art centers.