House unanimously adopts Bizzarro resolution to raise awareness about form of soft-tissue sarcoma

HARRISBURG, May 7 – The House unanimously adopted a resolution Monday designed to raise awareness about undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma – one of a group of soft-tissue cancers expected to kill more than 5,000 Americans this year, according to the resolution’s author, state Rep. Ryan Bizzarro, D-Erie.

“According to the American Cancer Society, about 12,750 Americans will be diagnosed with UPS and other soft-tissue sarcomas this year,” Bizzarro said. “It’s found most often in the arms and legs and can cause fast-growing masses that can affect the bones and muscles. The primary treatment is surgery, but as with all cancers, early diagnosis is key.”

Bizzarro said because UPS and other forms of sarcomas are relatively rare, it’s important to raise awareness about them, especially because the causes of UPS are still largely unknown.

“Knowledge is important in the fight against cancer,” Bizzarro said. “Because soft-tissue sarcomas are relatively rare, this can slow advances in treatment and cure. We all know someone who has fought a long and difficult battle against cancer, whether it’s a common or less common form. I urge everyone to support programs and organizations that are working to enhance research and awareness of UPS so we can combat this diagnosis with a stronger hand in the future.”