Bizzarro: Grant of nearly $3,000 will fund students’ climate studies

HARRISBURG, June 28 – A $2,900 mini grant from the Department of Environmental Protection will fund microscopes for students studying climate, watersheds and other environmental subjects, state Rep. Ryan Bizzarro, D-Erie, announced today.

“We have a wealth of students who are concerned about their future and interested in learning how to protect our environment,” said Bizzarro, who is a member of the House Climate Caucus. “The grant announced today will provide the tools to fuel their curiosity and inspire a new generation of scientists and environmental engineers. We’ll need those well-trained minds to address the ongoing impact of climate change and develop new ways to safeguard our natural resources.”

The grant to Asbury Woods nature preserve is one of a package of Environmental Education mini grants awarded by DEP to foster environmental awareness among students and adults. The funds are used for projects that include hands-on student lessons, teacher training programs, outdoor learning resources, and conservation education for adults.

Enacted in 1993, the Environmental Education Act mandates that 5% of all pollution fines and penalties collected annually by DEP be set aside for environmental protection. Since inception of the grant program, more than $10 million in grants has been awarded to support environmental education efforts throughout Pennsylvania.