State Board of Education Schedules Vote on Erie County Community College

Bizzarro says Erie County Deserves a Vote on Community College

ERIE, Oct. 16 -- The Pennsylvania State Board of Education announced today that it will consider the application to establish a new community college in Erie County at its November 13-14 meeting.  The vote will follow The Board’s High Education Sub-Committee has scheduled a meeting on October 29 to review the application and make a recommendation to the Board.  

State Representative Ryan Bizzarro issued the following statement regarding the Board’s action: 

“The local case has been made for a community college in Erie County. We applaud our local elected officials, business and education leaders and the community college advocates for their hard work.  

“Working with the Governor’s office and the Pennsylvania Board of Education our state delegation was able to advance this vote, which will rise or fall on the strength and merit of the application. 

“I will continue to work with Governor Wolf and my colleagues to ensure Erie County’s education needs are fully considered. Erie County deserves this vote, one way or the other.”