PUC designation will allow Velocity.net Communications to expand Erie County broadband

ERIE, Jan. 16 – State Rep. Ryan Bizzarro today announced that thanks to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission designating Velocity.Net Communications as an Eligible Telecommunications Carrier, Erie County broadband will soon improve. 

The petition will promote efforts to provide voice and broadband services in underserved parts of northwestern Pennsylvania by authorizing Velocity.Net to receive federal universal service funding.

“Many take for granted easy and swift access to voice and streaming services. Some communities in Erie still aren’t receiving the high-speed access needed to remain competitive in business negotiations and in providing quality educational experiences. This investment will put Erie in a better position to have quality telecommunications access,” Bizzarro explained.

VNCI intends to use the federal funds to extend existing fiber optic network and provide telecommunications and broadband internet access services. As a condition of the designation, VNCI will also participate in the federal Lifeline program, offering Lifeline service to qualified low-income customers or households in those census blocks, in accordance with applicable federal and state law.

Bizzarro thanked the PUC for taking action to ensure we don’t lose federal high cost support in Pennsylvania.

“This support will help ensure our community remains a contender for businesses looking for a new place to grow and thrive,” Bizzarro added.