Union health center offers services for workers and their families

Policy Committee tours IUOE Local 542 Health Center, talks to officials

UPPER DUBLIN TWP., Oct. 25 – Unions remain an economic driver to help increase wages and improve job safety protections, but in Montgomery County the International Union of Operating Engineers has also taken an active role in improving the health care options for its workers and their families.

IUOE Local 542 opened its own health care facility earlier this year. For the exclusive use of its workers and covered family members, the center provides primary care services – free of copays and deductibles. Members of the House Majority Policy Committee toured the facility Wednesday.

“We saw firsthand how the union has taken the proactive step of delivering fundamental needs for its workers and their families,” said event co-host Ben Sanchez, who represents portions of Upper Dublin Township and surrounding municipalities. “For over a century, we’ve stood up for unions because of the tireless work they do to improve the lives of workers in our communities, and with the opening of this facility we witnessed yet another example of their dedication.”

Representatives toured the facility and participated in a roundtable discussion on the demand for local health care options across the state and to hear feedback from union officials – particularly what is needed to replicate this type of facility in other locales.

“IUOE Local 542 saw a real need among its workers and their families, and they provided a practical solution,” said Rep. Tina Davis, who serves on the House Majority Leadership team as the Caucus Secretary and represents portions of Bucks County. “They are not only keeping money in the pocket of their workers, but they’re providing one more valuable health care option for their workers.”

The IUOE Local 542 Health Center offers a wide variety of care, including routine checkups, chronic management, urgent care, women’s health services, and physicals required by schools and youth sports teams.

“Unions go to bat every single day to improve the lives of workers, whether that means putting more money in the wallet of workers on payday or delivering better health care options,” Policy Committee Chairman Ryan Bizzarro said. “The IUOE Local 542 Health Center in Montgomery County is just another example of a union seeing a need and stepping up to take care of its workers.”

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