Briggs welcomes Wolf's severance tax proposal

HARRISBURG, Feb. 11 – State Rep. Tim Briggs, D-Montgomery, said today that he is grateful to Gov. Tom Wolf for proposing a sensible solution to the state's education funding issues. 

The Education Reinvestment Act, which Wolf announced today at a news conference in Thorndale, would increase the money available for Pennsylvania schools by levying a reasonable severance tax on natural gas production.

"The revenue generated from this fair severance tax will allow to us to start undoing the damage done by the previous administration's destructive education policies," Briggs said. "More education funding coming from the state will also take some pressure off Pennsylvania homeowners, who have seen their property taxes raise significantly in recent years due to state-level school funding cuts."

Briggs added that Pennsylvania is currently the only natural-gas-producing state not to levy a tax of this kind on drillers.

"With the $2.2 billion budget deficit currently facing the state, this commonsense solution can't be ignored," Briggs said. "It may not be a panacea, but it does get the conversation started in the right direction."