Briggs seeks fairer solution that funds education

HARRISBURG, May 14 – State Rep. Tim Briggs, D-Montgomery, said today he voted against an amendment that would bring limited property tax relief to Pennsylvania because it would distribute the relief inequitably while failing to resolve the underlying education funding issue.

"While property tax relief is certainly a great concern of mine, this plan does little to actually resolve the problem," Briggs said. "Property taxes have become such a burden for homeowners in recent years largely because the state has failed to properly fund our schools, but this plan does nothing to change that."

Briggs said the amendment, which was adopted to H.B. 504, is a tax shift, providing some relief to the more affluent school districts across the state while overlooking the elimination of property taxes for seniors and lower-income families. Additionally, Briggs said he had concerns that commercial properties would be given a free ride.

"Governor Wolf's budget proposal offers relief to every homeowner in the state, including renters," Briggs said, regarding an alternative. "The Wolf plan would also properly fund education throughout the state, which would prevent this issue from arising again in a few years. I look forward to continuing to work on this issue with my colleagues to find a solution that is good for the entire commonwealth and I am hopeful that real education funding reform will be addressed during the current budget negotiations."