Supreme Court Map Splits Lower Merion Township

I wanted to share with you my thoughts regarding Pennsylvania’s congressional redistricting plan as prescribed by the state Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court’s map does a much better job following concise boundaries throughout the Commonwealth than the partisan gerrymander that Republicans brought us in 2011. If you look closely, however, you can see there are still places where communities are split and Lower Merion Township is one of them.

Unfortunately, the legislature failed in drawing a fair map and the Supreme Court was forced to impose this new plan.

As a new census is just two years away, it will not be long before a new map is debated. It’s time we have a serious conversation about redistricting reform. I have sponsored H.B. 722, which would establish an Independent Redistricting Commission to provide the nonpartisan process for redistricting state Senate, state House and congressional districts. The court’s map still splits fewer counties than other proposed maps and eliminates the sprawl that was heavily featured in the previous gerrymander.

Overall, I support the court’s map but am eager for real reform in our drawing process. That step is simply too important to democracy to rush. You have been waiting for real reform for too long, and we’ve got to get it just right.