Bullock supports Governor Wolf’s School Breakfast initiative

HARRISBURG, May 17 – State Rep. Donna Bullock, D-Phila., today announced her support for Governor Tom Wolf’s School Breakfast initiative.

“Since being elected to serve the 195th district, I have been pushing for more access to nutritious meals and school breakfasts to help our students learn,” Bullock said. “Our children should not be worrying about where their next meal will be coming from. We should be doing all we can to make sure they have a healthy learning environment, and this includes having readily available, nutritious breakfasts and lunches.”

Governor Wolf’s School Breakfast initiative is providing 151 schools with grants up to $5,000 to help more children start their day with a healthy meal. The $592,000 investment marks the second year of grants that make school breakfast available to all students and expand food options for children.

“Students are more focused and in a better position to learn when they start their days with a healthy, nutritious meal,” said Secretary of Education Pedro A. Rivera.  “However, we know that only about 52 percent of the students who receive a free or reduced lunch also receive breakfast.  The mini-grants enable schools to address food security issues and help more students by either starting a new breakfast program or by improving an existing one.”

For children, eating a breakfast helps to maintain a healthy weight, have better concentration and memory, more alertness, and higher levels of achievement in reading and math. This is in addition to higher standardized test scores and grades.

Providing children with a breakfast has also been shown to lower rates of absenteeism, fewer behavioral problems, a reduced number of nurse’s office visits, and a more positive learning environment.

The list of recipients is available on the PDE website.

Governor Wolf launched the School Breakfast Initiative two years ago. Schools use grants up to $5,000 to implement a breakfast program using an “alternative serving method,” like grab-and-go, or breakfast in the classroom. Schools can also expand an existing program to include an alternative serving method. Breakfast must be made available to all students in a school.