Bullock stands with survivors, advocates to introduce Gun Violence Survivors Week

In her ongoing fight to end gun violence, state Rep. Donna Bullock today joined survivors and advocates from Moms Demand Action to mark the first week of February as Gun Violence Survivors Week in the commonwealth.  

Just days ago, a 4-year-old child in my community died from a gunshot wound inside his home,” said Bullock, D-Phila. “We can’t sit idly by and let these heartbreaking tragedies continue. Today, we honor the lives taken, stand with survivors, and vow to keep pushing to protect our communities, especially our children, from this public health crisis.”

Bullock said her initiative (H.R. 662) is meant to be another tool to help spread awareness on the social costs associated with gun violence, motivate improvements to public policies meant to prevent further bloodshed, and to give a voice to survivors who are often faced with a long road to recovery. 

"My mom was killed 6 years ago, and it still feels like it all happened yesterday," said Gina Pelusi, Everytown for Gun Safety survivor fellow and Moms Demand Action volunteer. "When someone is killed in such a sudden and violent way, it feels virtually impossible to wrap your head around the reality. The mental and physical toll of gun violence is something that survivors will carry with them forever. We may learn to cope better over time, but we are never the same."     

As a member of the PA Safe Caucus, Bullock continues to work to convince those who control the legislative calendar to take seriously the senseless death that’s happening in Pennsylvania and beyond to put gun safety laws up for a vote, including legislation that would:

  • Enact universal background checks (H.B. 673).
  • Create Extreme Risk Protection Orders, or ERPOs (H.B. 1075).
  • Require lost or stolen firearms be reported to law enforcement within 72 hours (H.B. 1288).
  • Help keep guns out of the hands of children (H.B. 525).

“We in the legislature hold the power to instill change that can help save lives and stop the suffering,” Bullock explained. “I am just asking for the opportunity to do my job, put my neighborhoods first, and vote on these potentially life-saving measures.”

At this point, no votes have been scheduled in the state House for the gun safety bills she cited and that a great number of Pennsylvanians favor