Bullock announces $25K safety grant for Metropolitan Baptist Church

The Pa. Commission on Crime and Delinquency this month approved its first round of safety, security grants for nonprofits that serve people often targeted by hate crimes.

PHILADELPHIA, March 23 – State Rep. Donna Bullock announced today that the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency awarded a $25,000 state grant to Metropolitan Baptist Church for safety and security measures.


“While it’s difficult to think that safety and security measures are necessary to protect people in the places they gather to worship, it is an unfortunate reality, and I am grateful that this grant fund exists and that Metropolitan Baptist Church has received this funding,” Bullock said. “That said, my hope is that while Metropolitan Baptist Church uses this grant funding to improve safety at its facilities, our communities can continue to work to promote love and equity, and to diminish hate and ignorance.”


The grant awarded to Metropolitan Baptist Church is one of 113 totaling more than $5 million that the commission approved this month. Metropolitan Baptist Church’s application for the grant funding was one of 805 applications submitted through the Nonprofit Security Grant Fund Program, which was created after House Bill 859, which established the fund, was signed into law in November.


The fund is specifically for nonprofit organizations that serve people, groups or institutions that are included within a bias-motivation category for single-bias hate crime incidents, as identified by the FBI’s 2017 Hate Crime Statistics publication.


The grant awards may be used for security enhancements designed to protect the safety and security of the users of the nonprofit’s facility, including through safety and security planning and training, purchase of safety and security equipment and technology, vulnerability and threat assessments, and any other security-related project that enhances the safety or security of the nonprofit organization.


To learn more about the Nonprofit Security Grant Fund, those interested can visit the PCCD website here: https://www.pccd.pa.gov/schoolsafety/Pages/Non-Profit-Security-Grant-Fund.aspx.