Bullock condemns Bernstine for threats against protesters

PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 18 – State Rep. Donna Bullock, D-Phila., released the following statement condemning Rep. Aaron Bernstine, R-Beaver/Butler/Lawrence, for threats he made against non-violent protesters in St. Louis, Mo. 

“Each day, I continue to be surprised by the level of hate and prejudice that spew from many of my colleagues in our state legislature. This weekend, as protesters took to the streets in St. Louis to speak out against police violence, Representative Aaron Bernstine decided that it was acceptable to threaten protesters via Twitter. Representative Bernstine believes that protests should be met with violence and that some Americans are not deserving of the rights guaranteed under the First Amendment.

“As a Christian, a father and a state representative, Representative Bernstine should be ashamed of himself. He should issue a public apology immediately. His belief that non-violent protesters should be run over is no different than the use of high-pressure water hoses and police dogs on those who fought for civil rights in the ‘60s. In fact, it is exactly how an innocent young woman lost her life in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“While the nation expressed outrage over the events that took place in Charlottesville, people of color across the country were not surprised. Those hateful ideologies are prevalent right here in Pennsylvania, and even in our state Capitol. However, they are disguised as legislation that would deport countless immigrant families, ensure that women continue to make less than men, and deprive Pennsylvania families of the resource they need to survive. Moreover, equating protesters to thugs is inaccurate and simply unacceptable. When you say ‘thug,’ we know what you really mean.

“The late Coretta Scott King once said, ‘Freedom is never really won, you earn it and win it in every generation.’ This could not be any truer today. As vice chairwoman of the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus, I will continue to call out hatred and bigotry wherever I see it. We must send a clear message that comments such as these are unacceptable – especially coming from a state representative.”