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PLBC mourns Dominique Fells

Bullock: Nearly $4 million in grant funding awarded for local projects

(Aug 05, 2019)

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 5 – State Rep. Donna Bullock, D-Phila., announced today that four local projects will receive a total of $3.95 million in state grants. “These projects will help boost our local economy, renovate properties, and refresh our community for the benefit of everyone,” Bullock said. “I’m thrilled to see this funding come to the 195 th district.” The projects are as follows: $500,000 for WURD Radio to improve its office spaces and repair two AM tower antennas. $1 million to Mantua Supermarket for its Village Square multifamily building project. $1.7 million to Philadelphia Museum of Art Core II for building renovations and a new public space. $1 million to Hunt Development Group for its Sharswood Phase II project consisting of new multifamily housing. The grants were awarded through the Redevelopment Assistance Capitol Program. Thee program provides funding for regional economic, cultural, civic and historical improvement projects. Read more


Bullock announces $2.65M in funding for new and existing low-income housing projects

(Jul 17, 2019)

PHILADELPHIA, July 17 — This week, state Rep. Donna Bullock, D-Phila., announced that $2.65 million in state funding has been awarded to four community development projects that will impact the residents of the 19 5th Legislative District. “I’m thrilled that this much-needed funding will come to our district to help create better low-income housing,” said Bullock, who supported the projects seeking the funds. “Access to affordable housing is incredibly important, so I’m glad to see this money come to our community.” Earlier this year, Bullock also introduced a resolution recognizing May 5-11 as Affordable Housing Week in Pennsylvania, which was unanimously adopted. Mt. Vernon Manor CDC was awarded $200,000 for the Mantua Preservation Project. The funds will be used to rehabilitate and to hold in perpetuity 29 recently acquired units of affordable housing across 10 scattered-site properties in the Mantua neighborhood of Philadelphia. The rehabilitation process will happen in phases, with work on all 10 properties to be completed by mid-year 2020. Project HOME received $1 million for the Rowan Judson Diamond project which will renovate and preserve 39 units of affordable family housing for individuals with special needs. The renovations will take place at the properties Rowan Homes I and Rowan Homes II. Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia received $200,000 for its Oxford Green project. The funds will be used to Read more


Bullock Attends First Meeting of CSG Future of Work National Task Force

(Jul 08, 2019)

PHILADELPHIA, July 8 – State Rep. Donna Bullock, D-Phila., joined the Council of State Governments Future of Work National Task Force for its first meeting to set goals for the biennium and to learn from speakers with expertise in the policy area. Bullock attended as a member of the Equity and inclusion Subcommittee. “As we explore the future of work in the United States, we need to focus on equity and inclusion at each step,” Bullock said. “Gender, race and other identities should not get in the way of someone’s career. That is why I am honored to be on this committee addressing the barriers that under-represented communities face.” The CSG Future of Work Task Force brings together a diverse group of state officials to explore how states can best navigate the challenges and opportunities of the new economy. Over the next two years, policymakers will survey best practices and innovative state initiatives during planned task force meetings, some of which will be held at annual CSG national conferences. Each subcommittee of The Future of Work Task Force has two co-chairs and 10 members. The four subcommittees are The Workforce of Tomorrow, Smart Government, What’s Next? Embracing the Future, and Equity and Inclusion. Read more


Deadline extended for Pa. Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program

(Jun 10, 2019)

I'm happy to announce that the deadline for the 2018 Pennsylvania Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program has been extended to Dec. 31, 2019. The rebate program benefits eligible Pennsylvanians 65 or older, widows and widowers 50 or older, and people with disabilities 18 or older. The income limit is $35,000 a year for homeowners and $15,000 annually for renters. Half of Social Security income is excluded, and the maximum standard rebate is $650. Claimants must reapply for rebates every year because they are based on annual income and property taxes or rent paid each year. Spouses, personal representatives or estates may file rebate claims on behalf of deceased claimants who lived at least one day in 2018 and meet all other eligibility criteria. You can get your application at www.revenue.pa.gov or by calling 1-888-222-9190. My office also can help you, so don’t hesitate to contact me. Read more


Bullock Fights For Affordable Housing

(Jun 04, 2019)

Pa. state Rep. Donna Bullock joined advocates in Harrisburg to recognize Home Matters Day, which is dedicated to looking at policies and programs aimed at making homes more affordable for families. She explains why this issue must be addressed across the commonwealth. Read more


Philadelphia Metropolitan Opera House honored by Preservation Pennsylvania

(May 23, 2019)

PHILADELPHIA, May 23 – State Rep. Donna Bullock, D-Phila., today announced that the Philadelphia Metropolitan Opera House will be receiving a Special Focus Award for Public Impact during the Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Awards hosted by Preservation Pennsylvania. “I’m thrilled to know that a project in my district will be honored at this year’s award ceremony,” Bullock said. “These are more than just older buildings; they are places that bring about feelings of community and a sense of belonging. After the complete renovation and reopening of Met Philadelphia in December 2018, this once vacant theater has begun to host a slew of musical acts as a bustling concert venue. Purpose has been found again for this beautiful location.” Preservation Pennsylvania honors excellence and innovation in preservation practice at the annual Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Awards. Twenty-six awards, representing projects and people across the state, were selected to receive recognition during this year’s event to be held June 19 at Wilson College in Chambersburg. Since 1979, the Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Awards have honored individuals and organizations that exhibited excellence in the field of historic preservation. Preservation Pennsylvania is the commonwealth’s only statewide, private nonprofit, membership organization dedicated to preserving Pennsylvania’s historic places through creative partnerships, Read more


Bullock supports Governor Wolf’s School Breakfast initiative

(May 20, 2019)

HARRISBURG, May 17 – State Rep. Donna Bullock, D-Phila., today announced her support for Governor Tom Wolf’s School Breakfast initiative. “Since being elected to serve the 195th district, I have been pushing for more access to nutritious meals and school breakfasts to help our students learn,” Bullock said. “Our children should not be worrying about where their next meal will be coming from. We should be doing all we can to make sure they have a healthy learning environment, and this includes having readily available, nutritious breakfasts and lunches.” Governor Wolf’s School Breakfast initiative is providing 151 schools with grants up to $5,000 to help more children start their day with a healthy meal. The $592,000 investment marks the second year of grants that make school breakfast available to all students and expand food options for children. “Students are more focused and in a better position to learn when they start their days with a healthy, nutritious meal,” said Secretary of Education Pedro A. Rivera. “However, we know that only about 52 percent of the students who receive a free or reduced lunch also receive breakfast. The mini-grants enable schools to address food security issues and help more students by either starting a new breakfast program or by improving an existing one.” For children, eating a breakfast helps to maintain a healthy weight, have better concentration and memory, more Read more


Bullock selected member of CSG national task force subcommittee

(May 07, 2019)

HARRISBURG, May 7 – State Rep. Donna Bullock, D-Phila., has been selected to participate on a subcommittee of The Council of State Governments’ national Future of Work Task Force. “The CSG Future of Work Task Force will bring together a diverse group of state officials to explore how states can best navigate the challenges and opportunities of the new economy,” CSG Executive Director David Adkins said. “The task force will examine how technology creates new jobs and eliminates existing jobs, and it will share success stories and best practices and provide guidance on how states can best embrace the innovative and ever-evolving opportunities in the new economy.” Bullock will serve as a member of the Equity and Inclusion Subcommittee. The subcommittee will explore how states can promote and encourage equity and inclusion in the new economy by examining and addressing issues and barriers that underserved communities face. “I’m beyond excited to take the reins and get to work on just how we support inclusive and diverse job and career growth,” Bullock said. “Ever since I came to the legislature, I have been working to ensure that everyone, no matter their race, gender or economic standing, has the same opportunities to succeed, and this Task Force will only give me more tools to advance these policies.” Bullock serves as vice chairwoman of the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus and secretary of the Read more


Coalition of legislators unveils bills aimed at reforming police procedures

(Apr 16, 2019)

State Rep. Stephen Kinsey, D-Phila., chairman of the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus, and PLBC members were joined by a coalition of legislators from around the state for a press conference to unveil a package of legislation aimed at streamlining police procedures and improving police-community relations at noon today in the Capitol Media Center. Read more


Bullock on Developing Climate Solutions

(Apr 15, 2019)

Pa. state Rep. Donna Bullock spoke at panel about her experiences in becoming an advocate for effective climate change solutions. The panel was developed for marking UN Earth Day 2019. Read more


Bullock joins in ‘Zero Waste PA’ bill package to address single-use plastics, litter and a ‘throwaway’ society

(Apr 10, 2019)

HARRISBURG, April 10 – House lawmakers joined PennEnvironment today to announce a package of bills aimed at addressing single-use plastics, pervasive issues of litter and the various environmental harms caused by a "throwaway" society. Legislation in the “Zero Waste PA” package works to address issues created by a disposable society including single-use plastics such as straws, plastic bags and Styrofoam takeout food containers, electronic waste, funding Pennsylvania’s recycling programs and more. “Illegal dumping is a serious problem in the City of Philadelphia and across the Commonwealth,” said Rep. Donna Bullock, D-Phila. “Low fines and lack of enforcement are not a deterrent, and vulnerable communities continue to be dumped on. My legislation increases the fines for illegal dumping and sends a strong message to those who disrespect our communities, our highways, forests and park lands across the state: Don't dump on us.” “Every day, unwitting Pennsylvanians are barraged with products that we’re expected to purchase and use, and then throw away. Only, there is no ‘away,’” said PennEnvironment Executive Director David Masur. “Instead, it ends up in landfills where it can cause water pollution, in incinerators that cause air pollution, or blowing around in our neighborhoods in the form of litter. Nothing we use for a few minutes should pollute our environment, Read more


Bullock Investigating Opinions on Alternative Energies

(Apr 09, 2019)

At a public hearing of the Pa. House Consumer Affairs Committee, Pa. state Rep. Donna Bullock questioned a representative from AARP as to how their members feel about alternative energies not only for rate relief, but also in terms of health effects. Read more


Bullock Fights For Equal Pay

(Apr 08, 2019)

Pa. state Rep. Donna Bullock joined advocates in Harrisburg to continue her fight for equal pay across the commonwealth. She explains why she’s confident women will finally make the same as men for doing the same job. Read more


PLBC condemns divisive invocation given in the House Chamber

(Mar 26, 2019)

Members from Philadelphia and of the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus today condemned a divisive opening prayer delivered Monday in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Here’s a selection of quotes. Rep. Stephen Kinsey, PLBC chairman: “On a day that should have been celebrated, we found ourselves confused and mortified. The swearing-in of Representative Movita Johnson-Harrell as the first Muslim woman to ever serve in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives was overshadowed by the outrageous remarks made by the Republican member. This is disgusting behavior. I choose to celebrate the diversity of our caucus, and welcome Representative Johnson-Harrell with open, loving arms. I believe our Democratic Leader Frank Dermody said it best, ‘It was beneath the dignity of the House.’ There is no room for hate.” Rep. Donna Bullock, PLBC vice chairwoman: “It is unfortunate that prayer was used to intimidate and divide. As our state legislature becomes more diverse, as we elect more women, more people of color, and people of different faiths and experiences, our ability to work together for all Pennsylvanians will be tested. I pray that my colleagues come to understand that Pennsylvania's diversity is our strength, not the enemy.” Rep. Summer Lee, PLBC treasurer who represents a portion of Allegheny County: ”We want to foremost, recognize and celebrate the historic victory and swearing-in of Read more


Bullock Fights For Diversity in PSP

(Feb 25, 2019)

During a House Budget Hearing in Harrisburg, Pa. state Rep. Donna Bullock questioned the lack of diversity in the Pennsylvania State Police. She discussed why it’s critical to have troopers of all different backgrounds. Read more


Bullock Pushes for Community Solar

(Feb 19, 2019)

At a Capitol news conference, Pa. state Rep. Donna Bullock promotes legislation enabling community solar projects in Pennsylvania. In community solar, participants can subscribe to a portion of an offsite solar project and receive credit on their electricity bill for the power produced, just as if the panels were on their roof. Read more


Bullock Fights For Quality Schools

(Feb 12, 2019)

During the second day of budget hearings, Pa. state Rep. Donna Bullock talked about the need to invest more money in Pre-K all the way to college. She stressed the importance of our state’s system of higher education to paving a brighter future for students. Read more


Bullock Continues Pushing To Raise The Wage

(Feb 12, 2019)

Pa. state Rep. Donna Bullock joined her colleagues to kick off the 2019-20 budget hearings in Harrisburg. She discussed how increasing the minimum wage will help strengthen Pennsylvania as a whole. Read more


Bullock Reacts to Wolf's Budget Proposal

(Feb 07, 2019)

Pa. state Rep. Donna Bullock is responding to the governor’s budget, commending him for his commitment to funding education, creating good paying jobs, and strengthening our workforce. Read more


Bullock receives committee appointments for 2019-20 legislative session

(Jan 29, 2019)

HARRISBURG, Jan. 29 – State Rep. Donna Bullock, D-Phila., announced that she was appointed to serve on several House committees in order to better provide for and serve her district for the 2019-20 legislative session. Bullock has been selected to serve on the Appropriations, Professional Licensure, Urban Affairs and Consumer Affairs committees. “I look forward to returning to the Appropriations Committee for a third term, as well as serving on three new committees” Bullock said. “On the Appropriations Committee, I will continue to advocate for an on-time, balanced budget that is not balanced on the backs of working people and does not kick the can down the road. Pennsylvania deserves a budget that reflects its values and makes sound investments in the future. I hope to be a voice for Philadelphia families on the Urban Affairs, Consumer Affairs, and Professional Licensure committees, addressing issues that matter to our city and to our commonwealth.” Bullock added that while all of these committees are crucial to better serving her district, she plans to focus closely on the budgeting process, ensuring that resources are allocated to services that she said, “can improve the lives of our most vulnerable neighbors.” She also plans to address issues like poverty, livable wages and quality education. Bullock encourages residents to stay up to date on her work by signing up for her periodic e-mail updates through her website, Read more