Burns announces $5.14 million in state funding for Middle Taylor and East Carroll townships

Pennvest grants and low-interest loans to fund wastewater improvement projects

EBENSBURG, April 17 – Continuing his trend of securing state funding for vital infrastructure development, state Rep. Frank Burns today announced approximately $5.14 million for two projects in the 72nd Legislative District.


Burns, D-Cambria, said the Middle Taylor Township Sewer Authority is receiving a $2.62 million grant and $997,231 low-interest loan to provide community wastewater service, including the installation of 27,000 feet of gravity wastewater main line piping. East Carroll Township will receive a $1.18 million grant and $342,429 low-interest loan for the extension of its wastewater collection system.


“I thank the Pennvest board for its ongoing support for these types of projects, as this funding should help offset rate increases for residents in Middle Taylor and East Carroll Townships,” Burns said. “Municipalities in the district have been aggressively applying for state funding and it shows. The $5.14 million announced today will be added to the growing list of projects made possible by state grants and low-interest loans.”


The awards were finalized today by the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Authority, commonly known as Pennvest.