Burns: disappointed liquor bill amendment failed in House

Calls it a clear vote against helping small businesses in Pa.

HARRISBURG, Sept. 25 – Calling it a missed opportunity to help local, small businesses, state Rep. Frank Burns said he is disappointed by the failure of his colleagues to support an amendment to a liquor bill that would have given local taverns and restaurant owners a significant break.

Burns, D-Cambria, said his amendment to H.B. 1048 would have eliminated the $700 annual license surcharge imposed by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board not only for fire companies and veterans’ organizations, but for all liquor licensees. The amendment failed by a vote of 185 to 14.

“This surcharge is financially burdensome not only to these organizations, but to mom-and-pop restaurants and taverns across Pennsylvania,” said Burns. “It’s not as if the LCB is hurting – they continue to report record profits and sales. In good economic times, it’s only fair that we give these small businesses and nonprofit organizations a financial break.

“Despite what happened today on the House floor, I remain undeterred in my efforts to support the hardworking, local business owners in my community and across Pennsylvania.”

The bill moves on for a final vote in the House.