Burns applauds completion of Cambria County road project

Significant safety concerns on North Center Street in Ebensburg, Carrolltown resolved

EBENSBURG, Nov. 4 – Residents and visitors traveling in Cambria County can rest easier following the completion of a much-needed road project to address serious safety issues, state Rep. Frank Burns announced today.

Burns, D-Cambria, said North Center Street – also known as old Route 219 – between Ebensburg and Carrolltown had been resurfaced using a new material several years ago. However, Burns said the material that was used caused the roadway surface to deteriorate and become extremely slick, which led to several constituents contacting his office.

“After receiving several complaints, I contacted Tom Prestach from PennDOT District 9 about these safety concerns and urged him and his team to consider resurfacing the roadway to make it safer for residents and those who travel the road,” Burns said. “Despite some budgetary and road project challenges, PennDOT was able to work with my office to get the road fixed.

“I truly appreciate Tom’s assistance in getting these needed repairs completed, and I also want to thank residents for their patience as we worked to resolve this issue as quickly as possible.”

“The safety concerns with the roadway were brought to my attention and our district office worked diligently to address it,” said Thomas Prestash, P.E., district executive for PennDOT District 9. “We knew we had to act quickly and make sure the repairs were made before the winter driving season arrived. I’m pleased that we were successful in working together with Representative Burns and Senator Langerholc to make the needed repairs and ensure a safe driving experience for residents and visitors to Cambria County.”

Burns added that his office is available to assist residents with any concerns or questions they may have on state-related issues by calling his office at 814-536-8400 or via email by clicking this link.