Burns votes to override Wolf’s veto of high school sports spectator bill

Lawmaker says he is ‘deeply disappointed’ veto override failed

HARRISBURG, Sept.  23 – Just days after calling for an immediate veto override vote on a bill that would allow spectators at high school sports, state Rep. Frank Burns voted to do just that, even though the effort ultimately fell short of the necessary votes.

“I am deeply disappointed that today’s effort to put parents back in the stands at high school sports failed to gain enough votes to override the governor’s veto of this bill,” Burns said. “I’ve consistently voted to reopen Pa. in a safe manner, to put people back to work, and now, for parents to watch their kids play. I’ll never stop fighting for the freedoms of the people I represent.”

House Bill 2787 would have solidified local school district control of extracurricular activities, including sports, and allowed districts to set their own rules for spectators at games and competitions. The measure passed the General Assembly overwhelmingly, but Gov. Tom Wolf vetoed the bill earlier this week. A veto override requires a two-thirds vote, which the House failed to meet Wednesday.

Since the start of the pandemic, Burns has consistently voted and advocated to balance the safety of workers and families with the need to allow businesses to safely reopen. He voted 30 times to open local businesses, including five times to end the governor's shutdown. He has also consistently and publicly questioned the administration about its response and pressed for more details on the metrics used in making decisions about reopening Pennsylvania’s economy.