Burns: $4.2 million approved for local water projects

State funding will help local projects go forward

EBENSBURG, Oct. 20 – Two local water projects have been approved for more than $4.2 million in state financing, state Rep. Frank Burns announced today.

"It’s extremely gratifying to see this $4.2 million investment added to the more than $250 million I’ve helped deliver to the 72nd Legislative District," Burns said. "I thank the Pennvest board for helping improve the quality of life in Cambria County and positioning it for the future growth that we all desire."

Among other projects approved today, the Pennvest board approved:

  • Ebensburg Municipal Authority, $805,765 loan and a $1,265,610 grant to replace 4,140 feet of lead-jointed cast iron piping. The project will decrease water loss and eliminate lead exposure for the community
  • Nanty Glo Water Authority, which also services Jackson Township, received a $872,138 loan and a $1,369,862 grant to remove and replace approximately 6,600 feet of cast iron distribution main and leaded joints with new ductile iron water main. The project will eliminate century-old infrastructure and eliminate potential lead contamination.

Since taking office, Burns has helped local authorities and governments secure more than $136 million in Pennvest financing for projects ranging from sewer improvements and water line replacements to water treatment plant upgrades.

Burns said that addressing his district’s outdated infrastructure has been one of his top priorities since taking office, and the $4.2 million announced today will be added to the long list of projects made possible by state funding during his tenure.