Burns proposes ‘Blue Alert’ system to protect officers, public

Calls proposed system an ‘important tool that could save lives’

HARRISBURG, Sept. 16 – As a staunch supporter and defender of blue lives, state Rep. Frank Burns, D-Cambria, has proposed legislation to create a “Blue Alert” system to protect officers and the public during dangerous threats to public safety.

“It’s no secret that soft-on-crime policies have created dangerous situations in our cities where criminals feel emboldened to terrorize the public,” Burns said. “In these times when folks are feeling unsafe just walking the streets, we need to marshal all of our resources to protect the public – and the officers who stand between us and criminals.”

Burns’ Blue Alert Act would establish a Blue Alert System under the Pennsylvania Amber Alert System Law. The system would be operated by the Pennsylvania State Police and could be an important tool that could save lives by alerting the public about dangerous suspects, while seeking their assistance in apprehending a dangerous individual. This system utilizes technologies employed by the established Amber Alert System and is currently implemented in 37 states.

“As co-chair of the Blue Lives Matter Caucus, I believe we need to do all we can to protect those who serve and protect us,” Burns said. “Harrisburg and Washington need to start taking action to address the wave of violent crime sweeping our nation. I’ve called on Johnstown to use federal funds to hire more police officers, and now I’m calling on my fellow lawmakers to get this important bill passed.”