Burns proposal to post all state jobs builds on Shapiro’s plan to open government employment

Lawmaker will re-introduce bill to require public job postings

EBENSBURG, Jan. 25 – Just days after Gov. Josh Shapiro’s first executive order to remove college degree requirements for many public jobs, State Rep. Frank Burns announced he wants to take the idea one step further with legislation that would require all taxpayer-funded jobs to be publicly posted online.

Burns, D-Cambria, said he plans to reintroduce his “Fair Chance” legislation that would require all state jobs to be posted publicly on the state's employment website, ensuring transparency and openness in the hiring process. Burns noted that often state job postings never see the light of day because they are filled internally.

“As his first official act, our new governor signed an executive order making sure that taxpayer-funded job opportunities are open to anyone regardless of whether they’ve earned a four-year degree,” Burns said. “I believe we can build on that spirit of openness by making sure everyone has the equal opportunity to apply for the vast number of state jobs that currently never get posted.

“By requiring all state job openings be publicly posted on the states website, we can ensure the state is able to hire the most qualified candidate for the job,” Burns continued. “I believe my bill will make great strides in curbing the nepotism or favoritism for internal hiring that so often plagues state government.”

Since taking office, Burns has fought for openness and transparency in government, both in Harrisburg and at home. He fought all the way to the state Supreme Court – and won – to unseal Liquor Control Board records, and his efforts locally brought to light the Vision 2025 plan to settle refugees in Johnstown without public input or knowledge.