Greater Johnstown to receive state grant funding through disability inclusive curriculum pilot program

JOHNSTOWN, Aug. 11 – State Rep. Frank Burns, D-Cambria, today announced that the Greater Johnstown School District is one of 10 schools being awarded up to $30,000 each in state funding as part of a pilot program to teach students about the political, economic and social contributions of individuals with disabilities.

“Exclusion breeds stigma, shame, ignorance and misunderstanding,” Burns said. “I’ve seen it firsthand; that’s why I get students to sign the anti-bullying pledge and have set up Buddy Benches throughout the region.

“This new grant is designed to help schools educate students from kindergarten to high school about disabilities and how it’s a natural part of the human condition.”

The Disability Inclusive Curriculum Pilot Program promotes topics and subject matter for instruction to all students, which will help students learn more about disabilities, and will emphasize the critical contributions of individuals with disabilities. 

Funding will be granted for a three-year period from the date of the award through June 30, 2026. A maximum of $10,000 per year is available to each school entity. The program will impact the overall culture and environment of schools by reducing the stigma of disability by including disability as a part of a school-wide strategic plan.