Burns urges local municipalities to investigate state grant programs that offer millions to improve safety, mobility of traveling public

EBENSBURG, April 3 – For years, state Rep. Frank Burns has made it a priority to inform and encourage local governments, business, non-profits and educational and cultural institutions to apply for a multitude of state grants that become available.

Now, he’s publicizing two transportation-related grant programs that have the potential to provide millions to successful applicants: The PA Department of Community and Economic Development’s Multimodal Transportation Fund and the PA Transportation Department’s Automated Red Light Enforcement Funding Program.

“These programs are designed to help municipalities and transportation authorities improve the safety and mobility of the traveling public,” Burns said. “That could range from traffic signal improvements and roadside safety to projects that enhance pedestrian safety or improve connectivity of existing transportation assets like bicycle lanes, railroad track upgrades, adding sound barriers or even acquiring land for airport development. But most importantly, these grants are only available if you apply.”

The Multimodal Transportation Fund program provides grants to encourage economic development and ensure a safe and reliable system of transportation in the state. Grant awards range from $100,000 to $3 million. The deadline to apply is July 31. More information is available here.

The ARLE Funding Program is expected to have $32 million to award, which is funded by the fine revenue collected through the automated red light and speed enforcement systems. The deadline to apply is June 30, but a pre-application form is required by April 30. Details on the program and application details are available here.

“In the most recent round of Multimodal Transportation Fund awards announced last week, our district received nearly $1 million from the program, with Dale, Franklin and Brownstown each receiving funding for needed projects,” Burns said. “I worked with them so they could get their grants, and I’m working with other municipalities and organizations to help find them funding for their needs, as well. Give my office a call to see if we might be able to help you.”

To see a more complete list of grant programs that are currently open, visit Burns’ website here.