Burns ‘sick’ of rising drug prices

I’m sick that Congress continues to dilly-dally over reining in out-of-control drug prices, so I’m writing a prescription that calls for Harrisburg to take action.

Simply put, we can’t let the rancor that prevails in Washington, D.C. stop us from making sure that hardworking families can afford medicines needed to maintain good health – and save lives.

To make sure people can obtain insulin, epinephrine and other critically needed medicines at an affordable cost, I’m supporting H.B. 2212. It would create a mechanism to lower prescription drug prices, along with a path to import medically necessary drugs if they’re in short supply.

In the past year, one in five Pennsylvanians did not fill a prescription due to cost, one in six skipped doses or cut pills in half to save money, and two in three said they are worried that the prescriptions they need will become unaffordable in the future.

The next person who skips a prescription, or resorts to cutting pills in half, or finds the drugs they need have become unaffordable, just might be you.

Pharmaceutical companies, like any other company, must make a profit in order to survive. But when they’re making money hand-over-fist, and price-gouging customers in a way that would make the Robber Barons proud, someone needs to stand up to their greed.

If our do-nothing Congress isn’t up to the task, I’m joining the front line of Pennsylvania legislators who are, so escalating drug prices don’t break your family’s bank.