Carroll, Blake announce infrastructure grants to area communities

Carroll, Blake announce infrastructure grants to area communities

LACKAWANNA/LUZERNE, Aug. 17 -- State Rep. Mike Carroll, D-Lackawanna/Luzerne, and state Sen. John Blake, D-Lackawanna/Luzerne/Monroe, said they are pleased to acknowledge the award of Small Water and Sewer, as well as H2O, grants to communities in Greater Pittston and nearby communities earlier today.

Nearly $1.7 million has been provided to fund many critical sewer and water projects throughout the region.

Considering the financial challenges faced by these communities, the legislators said the significant grants will ensure important safety, infrastructure and quality-of-life projects advance to completion. The projects include installation of a sewer line on Clark Rod in Duryea, repair of the concrete flood control channel in Dupont, extension of a storm water line in Avoca and the upgrade of a sewage treatment facility in Springbrook Township.

“Mike Carroll has always been an effective advocate for projects in Dupont that are critically important to meet the needs of our residents,” said Dupont Borough Council President Stanley Knick.

“Whenever important funding decisions are made in Harrisburg, I’ve always strived to ensure our communities are the beneficiary of funding for projects the communities identify as urgent. These grants immediately solve four of our region’s infrastructure shortcomings,” Carroll said.

“I’m also very thankful to Senator John Blake for his support of these grants, including projects in the Greater Pittston communities which we both represent. The residents of our communities have been the beneficiaries of these grants, and this year’s awards will greatly improve our area’s water and sewer capacities,” he noted.

The projects awards include:

Avoca Borough $312,800

Dupont Borough $507,926

Duryea Borough $411,152

Springbrook Township $424,207


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