Cephas appointed to bipartisan group to find alternative to school property taxes

HARRISBURG, Aug. 1 – State Rep. Morgan Cephas, D-Phila., was selected by House Democratic Leader Frank Dermody to participate in a bipartisan group tasked with finding a possible solution to end school property taxes.


“As the population of school-aged children grows, coupled with less than 15% of basic education funding going through the fair funding formula, schools are burdened with higher and higher costs. Individuals who live on a fixed income, like our senior citizens, may struggle to pay property taxes as they increase to keep up with rising costs.” Cephas said. “We should be coming up with a solution which doesn’t over-burden Pennsylvanians, while also ensuring our students are given the resources they deserve.”


The group, which will include state representatives and senators, will likely meet in August to workshop ideas to replace or repeal the property tax and compensate for lost revenue with a variety of other taxes.


Cephas, who thanked Dermody for the appointment, will be accompanied by four additional House Democrats: state Reps. Perry Warren, D-Bucks; Mike Carroll, D-Luzerne/Lackawanna; Pete Schweyer, D-Lehigh; and Austin Davis, D-Allegheny.


Tax bills usually are issued after July 1 and, statewide, add up to more than $14 billion.