Philadelphia House Delegation praises designation of Kevin Bethel as new police commissioner of the city

The group is looking forward to a collaborative approach to help ensure a safer community for all Philadelphians

PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 22 – Members of the Philadelphia House Delegation today praised Mayor-elect Cherelle Parker for announcing Kevin Bethel as her pick for the city’s next police commissioner.

The delegation highlighted that Bethel, who currently serves as chief safety officer for the School District of Philadelphia, has proven credentials and is a solid leader.

Philadelphia House Delegation Chairwoman Morgan Cephas said Bethel has an extensive career that includes almost three decades of work for the Philadelphia Police Department.

“We welcomed the news and congratulate Bethel. He has been a champion of reformative justice and creative thinking in public safety and community policing,” Cephas said.

“We are confident that Bethel would help us lead our city to resurface from the profound public safety crisis impacting it,” Cephas added.

“We continue advancing legislation that would help us implement more effective crime prevention strategies,” Cephas explained. “We are progressively moving policies that would help us guarantee a responsive law enforcement system for Philadelphia. Public safety calls for a collective effort.”