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House Democrats want honest, transparent and balanced budgeting


In his 2016-17 budget proposal, Gov. Tom Wolf laid out in clear terms the choices legislators must make in dealing with Pennsylvania’s budget crisis.


The right path – people over politics

House Democrats believe the legislature must pass a full-year, balanced state budget that is open, honest and transparent and that includes a sustainable, recurring revenue package so we can adequately fund schools and give homeowners a break, support human services and begin to address the structural budget deficit that’s threatening our economy.

The wrong path – political stunts

Republican budgets over the past five years have been artificially “balanced” using a variety of gimmicks, such as paying just 10 months out of a 12-month bill, or borrowing from one program to pay for another, or using money that won't be available the following year. Simply put, their budgets are not paying our bills and putting schools further in jeopardy. The Independent Fiscal Office says Pennsylvania's structural deficit could grow to $1.9 billion next year and $2.6 billion in future years if we don’t act to fix it.

Standard and Poor’s credit rating service is already promising another credit downgrade for Pennsylvania if we continue down the Republican budgeting path.