Davidson appointed as Minority Chair to Powerful PA House Committee on Committees

HARRISBURG, Jan. 29 – State Rep. Margo Davidson announced that she has been named Minority Chair of the powerful Committee on Committees, in addition to the Commerce, Finance, Insurance and Professional Licensure committees.

There are 24 standing committees in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. The committee system allows legislators to assess and amend legislation and evaluate important issues before bringing bills to the full House for a vote. The role of the Committee on Committees is to recommend to the House the members that will serve on 24 standing committees.

“I intend to use my appointment as Minority Chair of the Committee on Committees to ensure that more female and minority voices are heard in positions of power in the PA House of Representatives,” Davidson said. “I’ve broken a lot of glass ceilings in my career in Harrisburg. I want part of my legacy to be a more diverse leadership in the Democratic Caucus—one that reflects the reality of Pennsylvania.”

Davidson was recently elected as the first African-American woman to head the powerful Democratic Southeastern Delegation in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. The election marked the latest in firsts for Davidson, who was also the first Democrat, the first African-American and the first woman to represent the 164th Legislative District, as well as the first Delaware County woman ever elected to the state House. She also chairs the Democratic Women’s Caucus and is a member of the bipartisan Ladies of the House.