Davidson, Policy Committee discuss the quest for a non-toxic workplace

LANSDOWNE, March 4 – State Rep. Margo Davidson, D-Delaware, today hosted a House Democratic Policy Committee public hearing titled, “The Quest for a Non-Toxic Workplace: Stopping Discrimination and Sexual Misconduct.”

Davidson was joined by legislators from across the state including state Sen. Tim Kearney and Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon. The legislators discussed with stakeholders how Pennsylvanians can work to eradicate misconduct in the workplace. As a tireless advocate for those who’ve experienced discrimination and victims of sexual misconduct, Davidson has repeatedly introduced and co-sponsored legislation addressing this issue. Her legislation was one of many topics discussed at the hearing.

“People work to make a living. Under no circumstances should they experience discrimination or harassment of any kind. Addressing this at the legislative level will ensure that we are protecting all Pennsylvanians and their right to a safe and healthy workplace where they can thrive and provide for themselves and their families,” Davidson said.

The committee heard testimony from: Morgan Williams, assistant chief counsel, Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission; Harold Goldner, Esq., Kraut Harris, P.C.; and a panel of advocates.     

The meeting is one in a series held across the state on House Democrats’ Plan4PA, focused on putting people first, good jobs, health care access, quality schools and jobs training, and a fair economy. Additional information about the plan is available at www.plan4pa.com.

Hearing testimony, video and additional information about the Policy Committee is available at  www.pahouse.com/policycommittee.