Davis: Partisan budget ploy is a Corbett clone

Lawmaker says repeat of gimmickry, failed policies will earn plan a quick veto

HARRISBURG, June 27 – State Rep. Tina Davis, D-Bucks, today said a budget proposal approved Saturday by House Republicans will earn a quick and deserved veto because of its reliance on gimmicks over sound governance.

“The plan doubles down on the four years of mayhem and misery Pennsylvania endured during the Corbett years,” Davis said. “This Corbett clone proposal is tone deaf and unsound in terms of property tax relief, help for struggling public schools and serious solutions to the commonwealth’s structural deficit.”

Davis said the Republican budget she opposed and Gov. Tom Wolf has vowed to veto ignores the critical need for property tax relief and does almost nothing to restore funding for public education in Pennsylvania.

“The plan represents nothing more than a repeat of the last four years,” Davis said. “Instead of making gas drillers pay their fair share, we get more gimmicks, flimsy ideology and policies that suffocate economic opportunity.”

Davis said she looks forward to returning to Harrisburg to launch a serious effort on crafting a state spending plan.

“A closer look at the Republican proposal shows it only provides an additional $8 million for our public schools – less than 2 percent of the $500 million needed to restore the damage from Corbett’s cuts,” Davis said.  “The plan would continue to short-change schools and require higher property taxes – which are non-starters in my book.”