Davis supports 2017-18 spending plan

HARRISBURG, June 30 – The state House of Representatives adopted a $32 billion spending plan for 2017-18 on Friday that reflects a commitment to increasing funding for education, as well as addressing the needs of Pennsylvania’s most vulnerable residents, said state Rep. Tina Davis.

“This budget agreement comes through a great deal of bipartisan negotiation and compromise. I’m pleased that we were able to agree on spending that reflects some of our most important priorities in Pennsylvania,” said Davis, D-Bucks. “The plan also shows how important it is for citizens to offer input. I heard from district residents who told me what is important to them – education funding, for example. We worked to produce a budget that addresses those concerns.”

The spending plan boosts funding for schools, including $100 million more in basic education funding, $25 million more for special education, $25 million more for Pre-K Counts and $5 million more for Head Start. It includes funding that will help reduce the wait lists for child care and adults with intellectual disabilities, expand services for people with autism and increase homeless assistance.

The spending plan also includes funding to expand the availability of naloxone, a medication used to reverse the effects of an overdose, to more police departments.

Under the plan, Pennsylvania will continue making its full required contributions to the state’s public employee pension systems and will combine the Departments of Health and Human Services.

Davis added that she was pleased the final plan did not include harmful cuts to county human services agencies.

“We have more work to do to increase revenue and address Pennsylvania’s long-term financial health,” Davis said. “But this spending plan is a good step toward meeting the needs in our communities.”