Davis to introduce bill prohibiting mandatory microchips at work

HARRISBURG, Aug. 23 – State Rep. Tina Davis officially announced plans to introduce a bill that would prohibit employers from requiring employees to have a subdermal microchip implanted on their bodies.

“Technology is advancing quickly, but with the benefits, there are also potential problems,” said Davis, D-Bucks. “My legislation would ensure that we’re protecting the rights of employees to retain control over decisions regarding their own bodies.”

Davis proposed the legislation in response to news reports that a Wisconsin company has been implanting microchips in employees’ hands for use at work.

“That program is voluntary, but it’s worth taking steps to make sure other employers don’t try to make it a requirement in the future,” Davis said. “This legislation is a practical measure that would ensure workers have the final say over what is or isn’t added to their bodies.”

Davis’ legislation includes provisions to bar employers from retaliating against an employee who declines a microchip or from refusing to hire someone who does not want a microchip. It would also require that employers provide documentation of known risks and removal procedures to employees who choose to have a microchip implanted.

California, Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma and Wisconsin have laws that prohibit mandatory implantation of microchips, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.