Davis joins Wolf to combat pay inequities within commonwealth

Executive order ceremony spotlights House bill to enhance Equal Pay Law

HARRISBURG, June 7 – State Rep. Tina Davis, D-Bucks, stood alongside Gov. Tom Wolf as he signed an executive order Wednesday in the Capitol to address gender pay inequities within the commonwealth.

“Women continue to make enormous strides in the workplace but are stalled when it comes to their pay,” Davis said. “The statistics are staggering when we hear how women in advanced degrees, women in entry-level positions, and women of color all face a pay gap that negatively impacts their ability to sufficiently provide for themselves and their families.”

The executive order includes the following declarations to take effect within 90 days:

  1. Commonwealth agencies would not inquire about a job applicant’s current compensation or compensation history at any stage during the hiring process.

  2. Applicants are not prevented from volunteering information about their current compensation level or salary history; however, no employer can request that an applicant disclose that information.

  3. Compensation decision for positions would be governed primarily by job responsibilities and the position’s range of compensation as well as the applicant’s knowledge, skills, competencies, experience, compensation requests, or other factor other than sex, except where compensation is based on:

    1. A collective bargaining agreement;

    2. A seniority system;

    3. A system which measures earnings by quantity or quality of production, sales goals and incentives.

  4. All Commonwealth position postings would clearly disclose a job position’s pay scale and pay range.

Wolf further recognized Davis’ efforts advocating for H.B. 1243, which would enhance Pennsylvania’s Equal Pay Law to provide additional protections for all employees. Those protections would include the assurance that all workers, regardless of gender, across the state would be paid a wage based solely on their education, training and experience.

Under this legislation, employee protection would be increased specifically in the areas of discrimination, wrongful termination of employment and anti-retaliation when an employee has filed a complaint against an employer.

“It is past time to level the playing field and provide the same opportunities for all employees – no matter their gender,” Davis said.