Town Hall Meeting Oct. 26; Recognizing an “Unlitter Us” hero; Celebrating our future leaders

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month

I am encouraging all my fellow lawmakers to join in this important conversation. Abuse – be it physical, emotional, or sexual – is unacceptable against any individual regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, or sexual orientation. There is no justification for abuse or harmful behavior towards any individual. I believe that as proud Pennsylvanians and Americans, we must do better. We must all work together to stop normalizing these shameful patterns of violence and instead to cultivate a culture of respect and kindness.

Town hall meeting to provide resources for domestic violence, sex abuse victims

I am inviting everyone to attend my town hall meeting Thursday, Oct. 26, from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Olney Elementary School, 5301, N. Water St. Philadelphia, 19120.

An expert who deals with domestic violence and sex abuse issues will attend the meeting to offer information and help for victims and people who may know victims.

Click on the photo below to see why this issue is important to me.

During the meeting, I also will provide you an update on my work in the community and in Harrisburg. My staff will be on hand to answer any questions and provide assistance on any state-related issues.

WOAR Event at Wissinoming Playground

We had a great turnout last Thursday evening at Wissinoming Playground for a discussion on  sexual violence awareness and treatment resources. Women Organized Against Rape (WOAR) was on-site to provide a thoughtful and informative presentation and to lead a productive discussion on sexual abuse. Thank you to State Sen. Tina Tartaglione for attending and providing support and guidance. I am eager to continue speaking up on this important topic and advocate for all those in my district and beyond. 

Congratulations to Ray Gant for inspiring us as a Philadelphia Streets “UnLitter Us” Hero

I would like to recognize Mr. Ray Gant, founder of the Ray of Hope Project, for continuing to inspire everyone as one of the Philadelphia Streets Department’s “UnLitter Us” Heroes.  

Mr. Gant’s tireless work to clean up the Frankford Avenue corridor has been invaluable for creating positive change in our neighborhoods. Thank you for showing us what difference a little hard work and determination can make for creating clean, safe, and healthy communities.

Young City Planners Initiative Graduation

Congratulations to the Olney Cohort of the Young City Planners Initiative. I was honored to watch this incredible group of young change-makers graduate last weekend.  

A huge “thank you” to The Advocacy Institute and The North 5th Street Revitalization Project for working to support the Young City Planners Initiative. I cannot wait to see what these young leaders achieve in Olney and beyond!

Rally for H.B. 135

It’s a powerful feeling to see people from across the commonwealth rallying in support of legislation that can make a true difference in the lives of so many. I am excited to announce that the Coalition to Abolish Death by Incarceration will be holding a Rally for Redemption on Wednesday, Oct. 25 in support of extending parole eligibility to all people serving sentences of life imprisonment. Seeing public support and passion for my legislation (H.B. 135) inspires me to work even harder for the voiceless and advocate for change for all Pennsylvanians. 

Late nights at the Capitol

Passing legislation isn’t easy!  My fellow legislators and I spent countless hours on the House Floor this week, working to pass bills and create some positive changes for our communities. Whether it’s 11 a.m., 9:30 p.m., or anytime in between; you can find us working for you in Harrisburg and back home.

Home Inspector Applicants legislation

I believe that being an effective legislator involves more than simply voting yes or no on legislation. It is important to spend time reading over each bill so I may understand its legislative intent and to see if there are any unintended consequences. This week, H.B. 1001 came before the House. The bill seeks to prevent individuals with drug convictions from becoming home inspectors. However, this legislation does not address any other convictions. I do not feel it is fair for someone with a drug conviction to be barred from becoming an inspector, while those with conviction involving rape, burglary, and fraud are free to become home inspectors with no restrictions. I will continue to speak against poorly-written bills that do not help move our communities forward.