House passes bill protecting domestic abuse victims from gun violence

HARRISBURG, Sept. 26 – Rep. Jason Dawkins, D-Phila., applauded the passage of H.B. 2060, which is designed to strengthen the Protection from Abuse Act and convictions of misdemeanor crimes of domestic violence that require relinquishment of firearms.


“This bill will help protect victims who need it most,” Dawkins said. “Allowing abusers to have so much time to turn in their firearms only puts victims at more risk of harm. We need to shorten that window.”


H.B. 2060 would require court-ordered abusers to surrender their guns within 48 hours in protection-from-abuse cases, rather than the current period of 60 days. The defendant would also be prohibited from turning over their weapons to a family member or friend and instead would be required to relinquish them to a proper holder such as law enforcement, an authorized gun dealer or an attorney.


H.B. 2060 now moves to the Senate for consideration.


Rep. Dawkins also previously introduced H.B. 2097, which similarly offers protection to domestic abuse victims by proposing a statewide notification system to alert victims and law enforcement when abusers purchase firearms