Rep. Pamela DeLissio's Biography

Pam DeLissio has proudly served the 194th Legislative District since 2011. The District currently includes parts of Philadelphia and Montgomery counties.

Living and working in the District for 40 years, Pam is known for her independent and critical thinking, which helps her bridge the gap between policy aspirations and political realities. 

 Pam works diligently to reflect constituents’ views. She prioritizes dialogue with constituents, leading to 116 Town Hall meetings to date, conducted over the past 10 years, to inform her constituents and be informed by them. Pam impresses onto the constituents        of the 194th the importance of the legislative process; only by changing this process will policy overcome politics. 

According to constituents Kris and Mark Soffa - “In just her first few years as state representative, Pam became known as a smart, hard-working and effective legislator. Now an established, seasoned leader, she brings a pragmatic approach to solving problems- working with leaders of both parties and all levels of government to get things done. Pam stands out as the kind of legislator that we don’t have enough of in Harrisburg.”

 During her first 5 terms Pam served on the following committees: Health (10 years), Agriculture and Rural Affairs (9 years), Children and Youth (4 years), Aging and Older Adult Services (10 years), State Government (6 years) and Human Services (4 years).

 Due to her seniority, Pam now serves as the Democratic Chair of the Children & Youth Committee. In this role, Pam is committed to influencing the policy that is referred to the committee and working collaboratively with the Republican chair to ensure that Pam’s priorities of trauma informed care and trauma informed policy are addressed.

 During her time in office Pam competed for and participated in 3 Leadership Development programs:

2011 U.S. Army War College – Strategy Implementation Seminar

2012 The State Legislative Leaders Foundation- Emerging Leader’s Program

2013 Council of State Governments- Henry Toll Fellowship

Having earned a bachelor’s degree in Health Planning and Administration from Penn State University in 1978, Pam has almost 30 years’ experience in the fields of long-term care and small business ownership before being elected to the Pennsylvania House.

In 2005, she was named one of “Pennsylvania’s 2005 Best 50 Women in Business.

Since 1997 Pam has resided in Roxborough.