DeLissio releases statement following Roxborough shooting

PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 28 – State Rep. Pamela A. DeLissio, D-Montgomery/Phila., released the following statement in response to Tuesday’s fatal shooting at Roxborough High School, which is in the 194th Legislative District.

“As I was returning home last evening from a family trip, I learned of the horrific incident that occurred at the fields behind Roxborough High School. A friendly scrimmage ended in an unthinkable manner,” DeLissio said.

“Our children – all of us actually – but particularly children, need a society that truly values their safety and security.

“The closer that we get to true equity in providing for public safety, the more children can anticipate brighter futures. Hope and joy could be their default experience, and not trauma. 

“It is also imperative that we understand that actions have consequences and that the lack of action also has consequences. We must do better.

“When it comes to school safety and Pennsylvania students and children, one significant way we demonstrate our values is by how we allocate funds in our state budget. As a state, we must challenge ourselves to muster the political will to fund basic public education equitably. The basic public education fair-funding formula implemented in 2016 was a start, but equity is nowhere in sight.”

A recent article that DeLissio wrote highlights inequities: Pam’s Viewpoint: Historic Not Equitable.