DeLissio comments on the governor's budget

HARRISBURG, March 6 – State Rep. Pamela A. DeLissio, D-Montgomery/Phila., released the following statement on Gov. Tom Wolf's proposed budget:

"On Tuesday March 3rd, Governor Wolf presented his first budget. Among my tweets that day were 'If you did not know he was an elected Democrat you would think this was a Republican budget.'   

"Among other things, the governor is proposing reducing business and property taxes and increasing spending for basic education funding and higher education funding. I look forward to making many of his visions a reality – e.g. – creating a climate that can produce additional manufacturing jobs and reducing the regulatory burden in general for business and streamlining the bureaucracy that delivers our government services.

"I am impressed because he is committed to negotiating a budget that is fair. He is committed to conducting the budget discussions in a pragmatic manner. I am convinced that he is willing to listen and dialogue as evidenced by the meetings he held with both Democratic and Republican leaders of the House and Senate leading up to his budget address. This certainly did not happen under the previous administration. As one of my Republican colleagues commented – I have met with the governor five times this session and that is one more time than I met with the previous governor over four years.

"I was a little disappointed, but not necessarily surprised, to hear analysis and reaction that I can only describe as 'spin.' If only more elected officials were willing to work from an agreed set of facts and not choose to interpret or offer conjecture based on their interpretation of facts.  

"Constituents of the 194th have every reason to be encouraged and I am committed to being a part of the budget dialogue both here and in Harrisburg over the next three months. In fact I will be attending many of the House budget hearings over the next three weeks particularly to hear those agencies that work closely with the committees on which I sit – Aging and Older Adult Services, Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Health, Children and Youth and State Government. 

"For the fourth year, I will be holding my 'Voices of the Community' budget hearings in the district. This is an opportunity for those who live or work in the district to testify on the proposed state budget. Stay tuned for the date, time and place for the hearing."