DeLissio outlines minutes from fourth Town and Gown meeting on student life

PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 13 – State Rep. Pamela A. DeLissio, D-Montgomery/Phila., facilitated her fourth meeting with a coalition of universities comprising St. Joseph’s, Philadelphia, Temple and LaSalle – as well as representatives of civic associations in the 194th Legislative District – to discuss liquor control enforcement as it pertains to students who attend the universities and frequent bars and neighborhoods in the 194th.

The goal of the group, also known as the Town and Gown Coalition, is to address the needs of the community and the universities regarding responsible drinking by students, and to identify ways to encourage students to be responsible neighbors as students on and off campus.

“It was encouraging to hear the progress that the universities have made to educate and orient students to drinking responsibly and being good neighbors in the community,” DeLissio said. “Although not without incident, representatives of the civics present indicated that it has been a relatively quiet fall semester and reinforced their willingness to participate with the universities in such programs as the off-campus housing fairs. The civics also indicated that they would again publish contact information so that their members could address concerns directly with the St. Joe’s University Office of Public Safety and the Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement.”

Also included in the coalition are representatives of the 5th and 39th Philadelphia Police districts, the district office commander for the bureau of liquor code enforcement, representatives from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) and bar owners. The universities were awarded a grant from the PLCB, which will help with efforts to provide additional police on certain dates and weekends identified as having a high risk for excessive drinking. 

The coalition is also focused on excessive and irresponsible drinking at house parties in the neighborhoods, in addition to what happens in the local bars. 

“Last night’s meeting was very productive, and I continue to be impressed with the commitment of the stakeholders in collaborating to address this shared concern,” DeLissio said.

The group agreed to meet quarterly, and a report summarizing the first four meetings will be available on DeLissio’s website within the next 10 days.