DeLissio supports need for responsible, sustainable state budget

HARRISBURG, Oct. 9 – State Rep. Pamela A. DeLissio released the following statement regarding her vote for a compromise revenue plan this week in the House:

“The state’s latest revenue proposal was in the form of an amendment to H.B. 283, which failed 73-127 on Wednesday. It included an increase in the Personal Income Tax amounting to $6.06 a week based on an annual income of $50,000, and a severance tax to the oil and gas companies similar to what is employed in other major gas-producing states.

“I was always baffled as to how, over the past four years that I have been a member of the House, the budget focus was on the expense side, almost exclusively. We now know that the result of ignoring the revenue side is the current $1 billion structural deficit.  

“I thank the governor for exhibiting the leadership and courage to address the revenue side with the amendment to H.B. 283.

“The majority of my constituents appreciated the opportunity that this amendment offered for property-tax relief and the opportunity this amendment would have provided to their children for an adequate and equitably funded public education, and for the dollars that would have funded the human service programs that care for the more vulnerable among us – those who our friends, neighbors and relatives. 

“All of my business experience dictates that a budget must be balanced. When a budget is not balanced, and the majority party’s proposed budget was not, core and critical services become threatened.

“I was an affirmative vote on Wednesday for this amendment. I think of myself as a fiscally responsible legislator. For some, ‘fiscally responsible’ means no new taxes, ever. For me, fiscally responsible means identifying and funding sufficiently the priorities of the citizens of Pennsylvania.

“I think of Wednesday’s vote as a bellwether. The vote sent a clear message that legislators need to get back to the negotiating table, find our way to the middle and agree on a balanced budget that reflects the priorities of the citizens.”

DeLissio also shared her perspective on the state budget impasse on “PCN Live” on Monday.

“I was impressed with the level of concern callers had regarding the seriousness of what is happening, and the awareness that what Pennsylvania needs and wants is a reliable and sustainable revenue flow in order to allow for our commonwealth to prosper and grow,” she said.