DeLissio reminds constituents of services offered in district office

Open House set for Dec. 10

PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 22 – State Rep. Pamela A. DeLissio outlined today the services and assistance that can be provided at her constituent services office at 6511 Ridge Ave.  

The office is at the epicenter of the 194th Legislative District, no more than about 3 miles from any district border, with plenty of free parking, she said. The office is served by the 9 and 35 SEPTA bus routes.

A map of the district can be found at

"My role as state representative is to ensure that constituents of the 194th are represented in the law-making process in Harrisburg," said DeLissio, D-Montgomery/Phila. "The laws that are passed – or not passed – affect our everyday lives. While my focus is on being the best legislator I can be, my district staff strive to be the best at delivering constituent services.  

"Leza Perkins, Merle Zucker and Jen Wallace handle both the mundane as well as the more stressful challenges of ensuring that state government is meeting constituents’ needs." 

DeLissio said that if a constituent’s matter is related to local or federal government, her office will make a referral to the appropriate office.

"We strive to provide a welcoming, informative, and pleasant experience in helping constituents to untangle and address a variety of state-related issues, particularly when a matter appears to be ‘stuck on stupid,’" she said. 

The following services are frequently requested by constituents.

  • Staff can submit Property Tax/Rent Rebate applications on behalf of constituents, and can determine eligibility and complete the PA-1000 application for free. The deadline for filing rebates is Dec. 31. DeLissio said that she encourages applicants not to wait until the last day.


  • For constituents in need of a birth certificate, her office assists with providing the application, sending it to Vital Records for processing and completing in approximately two weeks what often takes six to eight weeks – barring any complications. Birth certificates cost $20. Death certificates cost $9.


  • DeLissio’s office interacts with the state Department of Human Services (DHS) regularly. DeLissio said that the still-recovering economy and the impactful cuts to human services programs over the past four years have taken their toll on citizens and the state DHS. She said her office works closely with the county assistance offices that serve the 194th to facilitate communication and the reams of documentation required to participate in the programs administered by DHS. She said that some of her most satisfying work is when she and her staff can resolve complex issues and ensure that children’s needs, in particular, are being met.


  • The office provides assistance with PennDOT forms and applications. The most frequent assistance to constituents is helping to apply for a disability placard, vehicle registration, non-driver or driver photo ID.


  • Constituents can also ask staff to check the Pennsylvania State Treasury database for unclaimed property. Approximately $2.3 billion is being held by the Treasury waiting to be claimed. DeLissio’s office can look up information at or ask to check whether any cash is being held in a name, and assist in putting in the claim.

Walk-ins are welcome or constituents can call 215-482-8726 for information and assistance or an appointment. Additionally, constituents can email the office at

DeLissio will be hosting an open house for her constituents from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 10 as another opportunity for constituents to get to know the office, staff and the services offered.