DeLissio to introduce legislation to offer health care plan options

HARRISBURG, Oct. 29 – State Rep. Pamela A. DeLissio, D-Montgomery/Phila., announced she plans on introducing legislation next week that would provide health care coverage in Pennsylvania at a lower cost with freedom to choose health care providers. The legislation will be H.B. 1688 after it is introduced.


DeLissio said her Pennsylvania Health Care Plan sets out a blueprint of bold steps that would result in a healthier citizenry without the burden of co-pays, deductibles, premiums or concern about networks. 


This legislation is possible because the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act allows states the option to innovate with their own health care plan as long as the proposed plan is more economical and efficient.  This proposed legislation meets that criteria and the option for the states to innovate becomes available in 2017, DeLissio said. 


"This legislation improves upon our current health care system by preserving the private practice of medicine and the right of patients to choose their health care providers," DeLissio said. "It would ensure the cost effective delivery of covered services that range from catastrophic care to wellness and preventative care. Health Care Providers would have autonomy over patient care."


"A significant benefit to Plan participants is knowing definitively their healthcare cost exposure for the year."


DeLissio added the Pennsylvania Health Care Plan would be supported by savings from replacing the current multiple payer system, which is less than efficient and often profit-oriented. The plan would be funded by a 10 percent employer tax paid on payroll and a 3 percent personal income tax.


DeLissio said that this is a complex topic and she intends on holding a number of informational sessions for her colleagues and covering the topic in her Town Hall meetings in hopes of making the Pennsylvania Health Care Plan law.