DeLuca announces state grants awarded for local projects

Penn Hills and boroughs of Plum, Oakmont and Verona to receive funds

HARRISBURG, Sept. 18 – State Rep. Tony DeLuca, D-Allegheny, and Sen. Jay Costa announced today that $832,051 in state grants has been awarded for five projects within his legislative district.

The Commonwealth Financing Authority has awarded funding for the following:  

  • $418,200 to Penn Hills to replace a section of the Lime Hollow Road sewer line to meet the requirements of the wet weather design flows approved by the Department of Environmental Protection;

  • $110,517 to the Wilkinsburg Penn Joint Water Authority to upgrade a water storage tank in the Municipality of Penn Hills to address water age issues;

  • $78,334 to Verona Borough to rehabilitate sewer lines and manholes to repair its sanitary system;

  • $150,000 to Oakmont Borough in Greenways, Trails and Recreation funds for phases two and three of the Plum Creek Trail System in Oakmont and Verona boroughs and the Municipality of Penn Hills. Phase two includes removing fill to improve flood carrying capacity and Phase three consists of a bridge and trail accessible to walkers, runners and bicyclists; and

  • $75,000 to the Borough of Plum in Greenways, Trails and Recreation funds for improvements to Renton Park, including a new play area, new play structures and a poured in soft surface.

“This funding will allow us to replace sewer lines and address any archaic issues with our water system,” DeLuca said. “Water infrastructure can affect our public health, so it’s important that we make any necessary upgrades for issues up front before they become problematic.”

DeLuca said he and Costa advocated for the money on behalf of their communities. DeLuca, also the Democratic Chairman of the Insurance Committee, praised the enhancements the funding will help to the Plum Creek Trail and Renton Park.

“Having a healthy and safe space for our residents, including children, to go where they can exercise, enjoy the outdoors and play is vital to the community,” DeLuca added. “Certainly, all of these things are important for neighborhoods to thrive.”

The CFA is a seven-member board created to administer and fund projects from programs that are part of the Economic Stimulus Package passed by the General Assembly in 2004. The entity falls under the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development.