Grants awarded to improve school safety in schools

Plum Borough and Fox Chapel Area school districts awarded grants

HARRISBURG, Oct. 4 – State Rep. Tony DeLuca, D-Allegheny, today announced $43,000 in state grants was awarded to the Plum Borough School District and the Fox Chapel Area School District to improve safety in schools.

The Plum Borough School District was funded with a $30,000 grant to provide training and compensation for school resource officers, DeLuca said. This is the second year of the funding for the district. The Fox Chapel Area School District was awarded $13,000 to a program to reduce unnecessary student disciplinary actions and promote a safer learning environment, in addition to enhancing antiviolence efforts between schools, parents, law enforcement and community organizations.

“No student, educator, parent or guardian should ever feel unsafe when attending, working or dropping their child off at school,” DeLuca said. “Providing extra security measures is a step in the right direction to ensuring that our students remain secure while they receive their education.”

Seventy-five school entities, municipalities and police departments were awarded part of the $3.3 million for SRO compensation. SROs are law enforcement officers from local or state law enforcement agencies assigned to schools in cooperative agreements with education officials. Applicants were eligible for up to $60,000 in grants.

Approximately $1.04 million was awarded to 60 public schools to establish and implement programs to prevent and reduce violent incidents. Eligibility to fund those programs was up to $20,000.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education program is separate from the new $60 million School Safety and Security Grant program created this year and administered by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency. For a list of awardees and their award amounts, visit the PDE website.