DeLuca reappointed Democratic chairman of House Insurance Committee

HARRISBURG, Jan. 7 – State Rep. Tony DeLuca, D-Allegheny, has been reappointed to the post of Democratic chairman of the House Insurance Committee.

“This committee is tasked with overseeing a wide range of products that cover most people’s daily lives, such as life, health and auto insurance," DeLuca said. "As Democratic chairman, I will continue to keep a close watch on consumer protections, notably as they relate to health care, including the Affordable Care Act. With many Pennsylvanians concerned about their access to quality health care, I will support efforts to ensure our residents have access to the services they deserve, including measures to protect their coverage for pre-existing conditions and banning arbitrary annual/lifetime health insurance coverage limits.

“To that end, I am planning to introduce legislation with Representative Dan Frankel to safeguard essential health benefits, such as maternity care, mental health and prescription drugs, from federal interference.

“High prescription drug costs also remain a concern across the commonwealth. I will urge the committee to look into the issues involved in drug pricing, including how the role of pharmacy benefit managers plays out in these costs. While health insurers still pay a significant share of drug costs, constituents are still seeing increases in their insurance premiums each year related to prescription coverage.”

DeLuca has held chairmanship of the House Insurance Committee since he was first appointed in 1999.