DeLuca demands answers from PA Turnpike Commission about more than $104 million in uncollected tolls

Legislator seeking solutions to recoup unpaid tolls

HARRISBURG, Sept. 21 – State Rep. Tony DeLuca, D-Allegheny, demanded answers from the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission regarding reports that more than $104 million in tolls went uncollected last year during its transition to electronic tolling.

“This uncollected revenue is especially concerning to me because it may have been captured if the Turnpike had continued employing the approximately 500 fare-collection workers who were laid off in 2020 during the transition to electronic tolling,” said DeLuca, the Democratic chairman of the House Insurance Committee. “These fare-collection workers had good family-sustaining jobs and they made great contributions to their local economies.”

DeLuca’s letter to Turnpike Commissioner Mark Compton sought answers to several questions, including if layoffs were cost-effective compared to the millions lost in uncollected tolls, along with the costs of mailing notices and initiating collections, if the uncollected tolls would have been captured if there had not been layoffs, and for solutions to collect money from unpaid invoices from the Turnpike’s Toll-by-Plate operations.

A copy of DeLuca’s letter can be found here.

“These unpaid tolls will raise rates for law-abiding drivers who do pay their tolls,” DeLuca said. “I’m asking these questions on behalf of those drivers and the former fare-collection workers who lost their jobs during this transition, and feel it is the responsibility of the Turnpike Commission to not only provide answers, but remedies to recoup the unpaid tolls and make sure this doesn’t happen again.”